I am a content creator.

I aspire to challenge and enhance my creative skills to produce engaging presentations, videos, articles, websites, and more in the marketing field. I am passionate about learning new skills and being able to create solutions for all client needs.

I am a digital marketer.

I have a good mix of analytical and storytelling abilities, which I’ve utilized to enhance brand awareness in both corporate and small business capacities. My curiosity keeps me on top of up to date trends while allowing me to teach myself new skills.

I am an innovative learner.

I am a quick-learning, detail-oriented, self-driven individual that is capable of setting goals, creating game plans, and working with a team to reach the collaborative end goal of making the client happy.


I am currently seeking opportunities outside of the Kansas City area to be able to use my knowledgeable skills in an environment that will allow me to grow as an individual as I help the company grow as a whole.