I work as a Project Specialist at a Fortune 100 company with a passion for storytelling and creating solutions with the use of social media, videos, and other multimedia platforms. Currently, I lead the multimedia and video production team and play the role of resident video expert according to the c-level executives. With the knowledge of my past experiences as an operations manager, all ages teacher, and marketing/promotions intern, I have learned to be a quick-learning, detail-oriented, self-driven individual that is capable of setting goals, creating game plans, and working with a team to reach the collaborative end goal of making the client happy.

I am currently seeking opportunities within and outside of the the Kansas City area to be able to use my knowledgeable skills in an environment that will allow me to grow as an individual as I help the company grow as a whole.

If you would like to learn more about how my services can assist your company, please reach out via email (rahilaladhani@gmail.com) or check out my LinkedIn.